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Hive is an app designed to help students manage their time and remain on track while working on group projects. Once a project is assigned to a group, reminders are sent to keep even the slowest member on track. Each user is responsible for updating their progress and will be rewarded with a badge upon doing so. After collecting all of the badges for a project students may redeem them for a prize.

Art Direction: Anthony Deluca

Prototype and Walkthrough

As I worked on the design I wanted to create something simple and intuitive. Upon logging into the app students are able to access their projects through each subject’s section. After navigating to the project overview users gain access to the rubric, the group’s overall timeline, and their personal timeline. As they update progress, badges are unlocked until their prize is redeemed. In addition to creating a simple and straightforward user journey, I also wanted a color palette that would spark motivation. I focused on a limited palette based on the primary colors. Since primary colors tend to reference elementary school, I altered their hue and

saturation for a more mature audience.


It was important to name the app something that referenced strong team unity. I began researching different groups of animals and how they function together. After much deliberation I narrowed it down to bees because of the way they work within their colonies to maintain the hive which ultimately led to the name Hive.

User Journey and Wireframes

App Walkthrough

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