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The Dragon that Ate the Moon

The Dragon that Ate the Moon is a children’s story about a mischievous little dragon named

Draguidurú, who one night was so hungry he flew into outer space and ate the moon.

Art Direction: Scott Laserow

Project Description

For this project we were asked to design books with augmented reality features. When selecting the topic for my book, I was inspired by how different cultures share legends but tell them in different ways. I began reading legends about the sun and the moon, some cultures depicted them as lovers, others relied on them for origin stories, and some used the legends to explain natural occurrences. After studying the different legends I was most intrigued by The Dragon that Ate the Moon. This rendition of sun and moon stories explains why there are phases of the moon. It took the small dragon 14 nights to consume the moon and 14 nights to regurgitate it. Then as his punishment the council of stars decided he would have to remain in the sky and continue his cycle of eating and regurgitating the moon, which when viewed from earth is the moon waxing and waning.

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